The Custom Design Process

Syracuse, NY

Custom jewelry design is a hallmark of Egon Ehrlinspiel Jewelers.  Our skilled craftsmen create award-winning and one-of-a-kind pieces using the most advanced design technology in the jewelry industry, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).  Egon Ehrlinspiel Jewelers is amongst a small group of jewelers in the country that own and utilizes these state-of-the-art systems.  With the combination of our skilled craftsmen, CAD and CAM systems, you have the ability to see a final rendering of your design before it is handcrafted.  Our craftsmen are among the best in the industry, whether it’s your engagement ring, an anniversary gift or reproducing a vintage piece.

Our Custom Process:

Every piece begins here.  Our designer will sit down with you one on one.  We will listen to your ideas and offer whatever design advice we can.  Whether you have an idea of what you want or none whatsoever, our designers will work with you until we have the best concept and vision for your piece.  This service is absolutely free and with no obligation.

After your consultation, our designers will be able to begin a sketch or create a CAD concept rendering of one or more designs for your approval.  We will keep at it until we get it right.  At this point, we will also be able to give you a more accurate estimate of the cost of materials that will be needed.

Wax Carving
Most pieces need to be cast, so we will then create a wax or Resin master model.  Once completed, you can view your model to see if it is exactly what you’re looking for. If not, we will make adjustments at no additional charge, and we are never offended if the wax does not turn out as you expected. We will work with you until we get it exactly right.

Once you have approved your design, it is now time for the casting of your piece.  Using the latest technology, our craftsmen create your piece with expert skill and artistry.  Our work is all done in-house, which helps us to keep our costs and, ultimately, your price lower.

Stone Setting & Final Touches
Many of the rings that are mass produced use inferior techniques when setting the stones into jewelry.  Our craftsmen hand set every stone until every detail is right.  Finishing the piece with the final stage of the production process, which adds texture and any detailing needed.  

Our craftsmen are among the best in the industry and we know you’ll agree when you have that incredible creation in your hands.  Feel free to look through our custom design gallery to see our quality of work. Contact us today and setup a time to meet with one of our designers to answer any questions you may have or email us at [email protected] or  [email protected]